What Tablet?

I am looking to purchase a tablet at under $300. I have read the reviews, but does anybody have any personal experience?

geek_alaine4, Feb 22, 7:00 am

nexus 7

geek_mazdasix, Feb 22, 7:25 am

If you can find one. They're old enough for second hand ones to be found for that price.

However since the OP (as usual) doesn't give us much to go on apart from budget, we need to ask the usual:
7" or 10" format?
Typical use eg browsing, email, games etc?
Used by kids as well? (in which case the Lollipop multiple user account is handy)

There are some Asus and HP models in that range as well.

geek_mikep, Feb 22, 8:50 pm

Were you after Win8 or iOS 8 versions?

If so, HP STREAM 8 might be useful at only 170bucks.

geek_ians2, Feb 22, 11:57 pm

Thanks to all for your replies.
7" or 8" format. Either Windows or Android.
Main use, browsing and using in place of a Kindle. I have a desk top for games etc.
If I was looking to spend more I would be seeking a laptop of some sort

geek_alaine4, Feb 23, 1:16 am

I have a hp stream 7, and a ainol 7" android tablet, the hp stream 7 is definitely my go to for web browsing, video, email, etc, the android one is only really good for games IMO.

I'd recommend getting the HP Stream 8

geek_lucky.gadgets, Feb 23, 2:55 am

Well I have purchased a HP Stream 8 online from Noel Leamings for $169. Warehouse Stationery have them advertised at $269

Thanks everybody

geek_alaine4, Jul 10, 10:20 am