Canon Printer - MP240

jostheboss, Nov 12, 11:03am
Anyone know where the ink cartridge is located please? I have lifted the lid on the printer to locate the cartridge and even though I have replaced it in the past I just can't find where I found it before. Help!

rz_zone, Nov 12, 11:16am

suicidemonkey, Nov 12, 11:17am
Canon 510/511. Warehouse stationery.

jostheboss, Nov 12, 11:28am
rz-zone (4). Looks so easy in video form so thanks heaps. :-)

jessebird, Nov 13, 8:35am
I have a deskjet, the cartridge is stuck and won,t go across, had a paper jam but all out now, help.

russell.s.c, Nov 13, 8:42am
What make and model?

jessebird, Nov 13, 7:15pm
HP Deskjet F2100

sqidlie, Nov 14, 12:16am
Very easy to fix, but you will need a tork10 screw driver, steady hands and good eye sight

jessebird, Nov 14, 12:42am
wouldn,t have a clue, will have to look for another one, thanx.

sqidlie, Nov 14, 2:21am
If you look top you will see a screw in each corner
Take those out (Tork10 driver) and the whole thing lifts apart
Now you can get at all the workings and to a point where you can can move the ink cartridge carriage and refit the cartridges
Refit the two 1/2s together replace the screws and all done
20 minutes max
There are ribbon wires to work with but should cause no issues

jessebird, Nov 15, 10:51pm
Thankyou i did it.

sqidlie, Jun 17, 5:28pm
Good onya cobber ;-)
No need to go and spend all your xmas money on a new printer now
That model and a few other HP's F series are the simplier ones to work on

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