Web design advice needed

. so I'm trying to wade through the complexity of getting someone to design and host a web site. but the more I'm offered the harder it is becoming to think about.
I have 2 quotes from designers K$5 and K$10 who both want to tie me into hosting at about $39 per month. but who would produce nice sites with unlimited pages, SEO, email forwarding etc.
Just had a telemarketer from Domainz tell me that they can produce, host, email, SEO etc for $99 per month. but doesn't look like I can access an alter content without using their team.

Can someone offer me some insight into what should work best?
I have a business training business (actually it's just me and two others) and we need a shop window that will give clients some confidence and info about us.


geek_garvan04, Jul 2, 1:40 pm

Take a look at these. www.top10webbuilders.com

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 2, 2:06 pm

. thanks.
I briefly looked into using a build it myself model, but figured there must be an advantage to outsourcing. better functionality maybe. more professional looking? . maybe I'm wrong here?

geek_garvan04, Jul 2, 2:12 pm

you could try wix.com it's a pretty easy to follow build it yourself model, downside is you cannot move your site to another provider in the future

geek_csador, Jul 4, 3:59 pm

never host your website with the place you get it built.
as you have discovered the website is never yours and you cant do anything with it without using them at a cost

geek_newbie5, Jul 4, 4:18 pm

My suggestion is call a couple of local people who would come and talk to you. If no one locally then try appthat appthat.co.nz
0800 605 605 they have done some awesome looking work

geek_brycer, Jun 24, 8:57 pm

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