Powerline extenders and Android ?

I have recently set up a nice and simple plug and play D-link powerline wireless extender network. I can connect my phone, my laptop, tivo, igloo, chromecast just about everything to it except our samsung tablets.

What am I missing please?


geek_savlon123, Jul 19, 9:07 pm

What type of power line extender? More specifically, what type of wifi network is it running?

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 19, 10:41 pm

Hi there again.

I let this drop as out of the blue my tablet 'found' the network, I have no idea why

Just as out of the blue it has now lost it again and when I scan it cant find it anymore.

The powerline extender is this one http://www.expertreviews.co.uk/networks/powerline-networking/51066/d-link-dhp-w307-av-review

It set at the out of the box 802.11n wireless

geek_savlon123, Apr 8, 9:15 am

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