App to record phone calls

Does anyone know of a good app for an i-phone that I can use to record phone calls? I would prefer one that does not necessarily let the person at the other end know they are being recorded ;) TIA

geek_cry1, Jul 7, 5:37 pm

I don't think it is is legal to record a conversation without informing the other person?

geek_hapukanz, Jul 8, 10:53 pm

The illegality doesn't stop *any* of the intelligence agencies from doing it, without court orders or the equivalent.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 8, 10:55 pm

Either person in a conversation is legally able to record a it without telling the other party . It is recording a conversation that you are not part of that is against the law. (Ignoring the rights of various govt agencies)

geek_ralphdog1, Jul 8, 11:04 pm

In general, whenever you are collecting personal information about other people (recording a conversation is likely to count as collecting personal information), you should follow the Information Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act, set out here: These restrict how you collect, store, and use information.

geek_hapukanz, Jul 8, 11:11 pm

I'm interested in an app like this too. In my job I talk to alot of people who have to explain different things to me, I'm a touch typist so usually sit with my laptop in front of me and type most of what they say, but it would be so much easier to record it and type it up later. Apparently Google Voice do an iphone app but you can only record incoming calls.

geek_tahnasha, Jul 8, 11:17 pm

Apple will never allow an app that does that as it's illegal in some states in the USA. The only way you could try is make the phone call on a landline or other mobile and record it on the iPhone.

geek_jon9, Jul 8, 11:52 pm

If you can understand this, good luck

In general terms, if you want to record a conversation AND be able to use it for legal reasons(such as legal proceedings), then you need to inform the other ppl in that conversation before the conversation starts.

If not using the recording for legal reasons, then it's ok to record that conversation secretly.

Used as a "insinuation /charactor building" tool, it can work in your favour, however, used as a legal challenge will probably fail.

geek_mrfxit, Jul 9, 8:50 am

All the Telco's start a ph call with the classic "this conversation may be recorded & or used for training purposes". (Words to that effect)

geek_mrfxit, Jun 9, 5:05 am

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