How do I solve this:

isiqualo, Mar 9, 3:36am
I have started to get a msg stating " your computer is low on memory" and if I'm on chrome or mozilla at the time it crashes.Sometimes while Im browsing on chrome it crashes more often. Ive deleted all unnecesary programmes to create space but this browser crashes continues.
Opera seems to be ok. Nil crashes while doing same thing. I'v transferred all unimportant docs / files to external drives like music and pictures etc

How do I remedy this LOW memory problem.
my desktop is an HP Pavillion a6040a which I bought in 2007 with windows vista loaded.

asmawa1, Mar 9, 3:42am
This from Google
your computer is low on memory virus
About 1,640,000 results (0.33 seconds)

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 3:46am
How much physical memory do you have in the system?

isiqualo, Mar 9, 3:52am
on my C drive it says: total 291.8GB
used: 101.0GB
free: 190.8GB

king1, Mar 9, 3:54am

isiqualo, Mar 9, 4:02am
ok.I understand what you mean now: I clicked on your link:
states RAM= 3070mb ( is that 3GB) ?
my CPU usage meter shows :
total= 3GB
used= 1906mb
free = 1161 or thereabouts. its changing as I type but % used indicates 62%.

skin1235, Mar 9, 4:07am
whats the key combo to empty cache again

how many tabs do you have open at one time while on firefow or chrome?
1900 seems quite a load

isiqualo, Mar 9, 4:11am
I had 4 tabs open from the same site I was working on but accessing / referring to different pages

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 4:16am
Check the size of your page file:
- Right Click Computer
- Choose advanced system settings
- Choose Settings under Performance
- Advanced tab
- Click the 'Change' button
- Make sure 'Automatically manage. ' is ticked

isiqualo, Mar 9, 4:19am
Ive downloaded the windows malicious software removal tool and let it run. we'll see what it coughs up.

wayne416, Mar 9, 4:48am
Have you got windows update set to auto. Windows malicious software removal tool is run every month if set to auto, if not you may need update other updates to bring it up to date which may help performance.

wayne416, Mar 9, 4:52am
Try also this in advanced mode, may take a while but will deep clean and help with problems.

spyware, Mar 9, 5:50am
Hell 4 tabs, I generally run with over 400 or so, Firefox chews up over 2 GB.

isiqualo, Mar 9, 8:05am
'Automatically manage. ' is ticked

isiqualo, Mar 9, 8:15am
busy cleaning now.

isiqualo, Mar 9, 8:22pm
thanks for this. I ran the program and it improved my memory and running of the pc after 4.5 hrs of letting it do its thing.
Before running:
on my C drive it says: total 291.8GB
used: 101.0GB
free: 190.8GB

After running programme:
on my C drive it says: total 291.8 GB
used: 55.52 GB
free: 236.3 GB

thanks very much. Huge improvement indeed

isiqualo, Mar 9, 8:25pm
My D: recovery drive is total = 6.281GB
with only 611.0mb free.

Should I be concerned about this little 611mb free space left on my recovery drive.? Its been like that for years now ,your thoughts?

skin1235, Mar 9, 8:40pm
at 6gb the D drive will be a partition, it is a recovery partition though and you would not be saving anything in there, the 611mb would be the same as it was on day one when the recovery part was created

isiqualo, May 31, 3:13pm
thanks for that informed explanation. makes sense. I'll leave it alone then .

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