My mum who is in her eighties holds her grandparents photo albums.There are many important photos in there.Some dating back 100 years.I have started to scan them in to the computer.250 so far and many to go.Would facebook be the place for them.Would 250 photos in an album be too much.The way I look at it we put them on facebook then we can share them with any one in the family who wants them.Am I on the right track.

geek_tankfull, Mar 31, 3:47 pm

Would it be a better idea to start a family facebook page and put them on there Giving administration right to 2-3 members of the family.

geek_tankfull, Mar 31, 3:54 pm

Yes, but there are better image hosts than Facebook, such as flickr, imgur, photobucket, Google+Photos, etc.

But in all honesty, you're better off using a cyber locker like SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

geek_lostdude, Mar 31, 4:33 pm

agree lostdude those sites are good for actual hosting but a family FB group gives the advantage of interaction, comments, easy control over who can see what, others can add and administer etc. Depends what OP is most comfortable with. At least start with something because then you have a comparison. Maybe ask over on Genealogy for ideas as well

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 31, 7:15 pm

install Picasa onto your PC, its free, use that to sort and adjust images, then you can use it to upload to the net. I probably wouldn't use Facebook for that number of photos!

geek_andrew.t, Apr 1, 9:44 pm

We used a' family group' on FB to organise our family reunion and share all the historical photos that this very large family had. We are still posting photos and info 9 months later. Also when my daughter scanned all our family photos and put them on the computer we than down loaded them all to a portable hard drive for each member of our family so we have copies in 2 countries incase of mishaps.

geek_camper18, Mar 30, 4:07 pm

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