Recommend IT person in KAPITI

to tweak my network and new wireless printer. Can anyone suggest a goodie? Needs a bit of tidying up as network dropping off in my new house and few other minor issues.

geek_purdie69, Apr 20, 5:50 pm

Coastal Electronics, Geeks on Wheels, All Over IT to name three.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 20, 9:08 pm

Thank you for that. Do you have a preference in this group? My previous IT person was great but he has moved. The previous one was a nightmare so I wanting a recommendation this time

geek_purdie69, Apr 21, 11:17 am

I think all three are ok, I'd give all a ring and find out their minimum charge to come to you (check if any call-out fee) and what you get for that charge - most will give the first hour in the minimum charge anyway. May also come down to who is first available, some can be very busy and may be booked up for a day or three.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 21, 11:37 am

Never Geeks on Wheels. Never net such a bunch of over priced cowboys ever.

geek_lythande1, Apr 21, 2:09 pm

Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to start a new thread on here? Thanks

geek_janbodean, Apr 21, 2:50 pm

Really? from here go back one page, under 'Computing' see 'Start new thread'

geek_zak410, Apr 21, 2:52 pm

Thank you zak. I know it sounds dumb but I came to computing after I retired and am still finding my way.

geek_janbodean, Apr 21, 3:10 pm

Joe at 3Rings is a goodie - phone number on website :)

geek_fepixie, Apr 21, 3:23 pm

Forget coastal electronics , couldnt even fix a sound fault digital TV under warranty , had to fight DSE to get full refund after 4 months

geek_elect70, Apr 21, 4:10 pm

Great stuff. Good to take on a new interest after retirement . Congratulations. :)

geek_tintop, Apr 21, 5:13 pm

With respect, given that you are in Waitakere, and the question was about Kapiti, you're really not in a position to speak from experience about that area. My personal dealings with the guys who cover (or at least used to) the Kapiti Coast was very positive. I accept Auckland may be quite different but there are plenty of 'cowboys' up there also and it's a far more competitive market with plenty willing to undercut.

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 21, 5:28 pm

I understand they recently changed hands and under new management with some new Techs so I think you may find an improvement :-)

geek_cookee_nz, Apr 21, 5:30 pm

purdie, if you haven't engaged anyone yet, i cant promise anything but happy to look at it for you

geek_motorbo, Jan 28, 9:52 am

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