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greyman55, May 17, 4:02am
I want to give Sky the ole heave ho and would like to replace it with a terrestrial freeview set top box that will do the same thing , have a built in drive min 500GB, record 2 channels while watching another, all the things a MySky box could do, would also be nice if it could connect wirelessly to the net.
<---- yes I have looked over there but Its doing my head in

I have been looking on TM plus electrical retailers online and I am completely baffled by what I should get, I don't mind it being a few hundred $$$ as it will be a one off investment, and will be cheaper than Sky in the long run, I see that some say they come with Teletext but surely they must old set top boxes as Teletext has been gone for quite a few years now.

I would appreciate your opinions and views on what to purchase either off here or elsewhere, Ok off to babysit the grandkids now so I won't be able to read replies until tomorrow.

mikep, May 17, 7:08am
If you gave up Sky, what would you miss. Freeview on its own is somewhat limited, especially sport and movies, so a PVR (programmable video recorder) would just give you the ability to record or time-slip onlt what's on Freeview.

I've had one of these: http://www.mymagictv.co.nz/ for a few years and it does what you want (proding you have a TV with in-built Freeview) but it's showing its age with the new streaming services flooding the market. It does connect to the internet (not wirelessly) but its functionality there is limited. Perhaps the newer model is better.

Good luck.

greyman55, May 17, 10:32pm
Thanks for the info and the link Ill check it out , I dont have sports or movies so paying $63 a month just to watch standard TV seems a bit silly to me

tony9, May 17, 10:36pm
We use a Tivo plus Apple TV to stream via Mac Book. We have no trouble finding the content we want to watch now.

kateley, May 17, 10:42pm
I've had a DishTV unit that does what you want - except connect to internet, we use a chromecast for that. Had it for several years, every so often they update the software with new features.

tezw1, May 18, 6:03am
we brought the panasonic blu-ray recorder which has 2 tunners, 500gb hard drive and wireless internet. May not be the best you can buy, but it does all we need. Although it has the wireless built in I have run cat6 cable to the lounge and the bedroom from the router to get better streaming of the programs recorded on the hard drive to the tv in the bedroom.

differentthings, May 18, 6:34am
just get a smart TV.

lunar2, May 18, 7:44am
Google Panasonic DMR-PWT530 free view recorder with HDD. Uses DLNA so connects to most android devices. Mine is WiFi and Ethernet connectable. Ive used Ethernet. I record free view and can stream it anywhere in the house.

greyman55, Nov 11, 8:00pm
Thanks differentthings, I have a smart TV but need to be able to record freeview, why I wanted it to connect to the internet is because youtube has done an upgrade and my TV cant connect to it.

tews1 and lunar2 I will check out the panosonic range , thanks for your replies

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