Firefox 38.1

I had a thread earlier about update this slowing the computer down and freezing up
IE 10 was useless so reverted back to IE 9 which was a bit better.
chrome was useless.speeds were 1.64DL & 0.45UL
have now installed the latest FF 89.1 beta and everything is moving along quite quickly now speeds are now DL 2.46& UL 0.67.
pretty much back to where it was before the update to 38.1 so it looks like 38.1 had a problem

geek_newbie5, Jun 9, 5:30 pm

More likely the problem is with your connection and completely unreleated to the browser you are using.

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 9, 5:37 pm

had al the checks done and it had nothing to do with conections or computer.
The issue I had was FF 38.1 slowing my pc down and in some instances freezing up.
I couldnt even type without it locking up.and now I have upped to 39.1 beta it is working fine so that reinforces the theory it was to do with connection or pc

geek_newbie5, Jun 9, 6:16 pm

I just updated Firefox and 38.0.5 is the latest

geek_trad, Jun 10, 8:50 am

I got mine from filehippo and it is 39.1 beta

geek_newbie5, Jun 10, 3:52 pm

I downgraded back to 23.0.1

geek_pc_uncorrect, Jun 11, 8:05 pm

I've upgraded every time, starting from version 0.6 many years ago. I've had a few glitches along the way, but a *complete* uninstall/reinstall fixed it.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 28, 4:54 pm

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