Internet issues - 2 wifi

devine-spark, Mar 26, 5:17am
We show 2 wifi addresses after a technician put in a super/dooper system. However, we still cannot get wifi in part of the house, and sometimes we connect to one telecom router and other times the 2nd. Confusion is even more because my husband has put an extender on the telecom one. My computer gets kicked off the internet in a blink when he turns his on (most frustrating). We are not tech savvy obviously. The new system is meant to be good for businesses, but it is not reaching as far as we were told and we are not sure why. Any suggestions?

lucky.gadgets, Mar 26, 6:00am
Probably need to login to one of them and change the wifi channel it is using, so that they are using different channels and not interfering.

spyware, Mar 26, 6:43am
Pretty hard to think of any consumer grade routers as part of anything super dooper. Better off having building data cabled and installing commercial grade access points to cover the relevant areas. Disable the wireless in your current toys obviously. Don't use repeaters.

devine-spark, Mar 26, 8:41am
Thank you - when I work out what that all means I will sort it out. lol

It was a special router with a long range, not available in stores.

devine-spark, Mar 26, 8:42am
Thanks for that link.

spyware, Apr 18, 4:18am
Being long range can typically be pointless as the client device doesn't have the transmit power to get any traffic back.

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