Can I send photos from PC back to camera?

tessie2, Jul 13, 2:14am
Can I send photos from PC back to camera? I plugged in camera and then went to the My Pictures folder where the pix are, selected them and clicked send to external E drive (the camera). But when I checked on the camera, it says no pictures.
So what did I do wrong?
I had edited these photos and now want to take them and have them printed. (My printer not good enough.)

nzmu, Jul 13, 2:27am
They should be there just won't show on your camera as you have altered the file system. View through the computer.

hakatere1, Jul 13, 2:28am
Can't you just burn them to cd and take the cd to photo shop and have them printed? Have you tried opening the picture folder in explorer and dragging the pics to E:?

easygoer, Jul 13, 8:40am
Change the file names to match the original names on the camera, for example on my Sony camera I have to make sure they have file names like DSC00001 for example which is the file name format used by the camera

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