Windows 10 Wi-Fi Issue

Hi. Since upgrading our HP X360 flip laptop to Windows 10 yesterday, an annoying problem has started. The laptop can find and connect to my phone's hotspot, it can see our neighbors Wi-Fi networks just fine, but it can no longer see our own Wi-Fi signal from our own router. Have checked firmware with the router and its all up to date, but am unsure why it can see everything but our own signal. It was fine with 8.1, but as soon as upgraded to 10, it can't see it at all. Any ideas? Thanks.

geek_cube_guy, Aug 4, 10:56 pm

restart the modem/router?

geek_king1, Aug 4, 10:59 pm

We have a separate modem and router. Have resetted the router, but not the modem. Wouldn't have thought the modem would affect it, seeing as I upgraded another system to 10 and that has been fine. Worth a crack though I suppose, I'll give it a go now.

geek_cube_guy, Aug 4, 11:01 pm

Just went into my router settings and disabled the 2.4Ghz band, then re-enabled it. Laptop now detects the wifi network fine. A weird wee glitch.

geek_cube_guy, Mar 25, 4:55 pm

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