Where do you take old computers and monitors to

onzy, Dec 11, 1:35am
recycle them? Or does everyone just pay to dump them these days? Thanks.

jon9, Dec 11, 1:36am
In Christchurch, take it to molten media trust. Near the corner of Waltham Rd and Wordsworth st

onzy, Dec 11, 1:44am
Thank you, do i have to pay to leave it there? Thanks for your help.

jon9, Dec 11, 2:51am
Umm LCD monitors and computers no I don't believe so

If its older CRT monitor or tv yes

moltenfire, Apr 9, 4:57am
Leave it on the side of a busy main road. A kind "thief" will thinks it's Xmas as he steals it. Problem solved.

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