2 degrees pay monthly plans ?

If we ditch our home line and get a shared 5 or 8 gb plan, is the data for use on our smart phones only or can it be run through our laptops ?

If we can run our laptops on it, what would the speed be like compared to ADSL home broadband ?


geek_comadi, Jun 22, 6:01 pm

It can be run through your laptops but one of the phones will need to act as a wifi hotspot (assuming you have a smartphone). This will be draining on the battery.

Speeds totally depend on your location. Usually ADSL is faster than 3G.

Tbh using mobile broadband for your home connection is the most expensive way to do it. You can go through 8GB in a few hours watching Youtube.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 22, 6:03 pm

yes using the built in hotspot
average at best
and 5gb won't last long at all

geek_king1, Jun 22, 6:03 pm

Thanks, I thought the sales pitch I got today was too good to be true :-)

geek_comadi, Jul 31, 2:59 pm

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