Laptop or iPad?

leeran, Mar 21, 12:29pm
I think my 4 yro Acer laptop is on it's way out and my sister keeps telling me to get an iPad because she's got one & loves it. I only need something basic but needs to be fast as I'm sick of the slowness of what I've got. I do word processing, email & TM mainly.

Advice please. Now you computer geeks don't get too technical on me, talk in computer dummy language if that's possible.

smoothjazz, Mar 21, 12:56pm
The word processing would be your biggest concern as, although there's a lot of physical keyboard accessories that can be attached to the iPad, they are still nowhere as good as a laptop/desktop keyboards especially for a word precessing task. This is my pinion and I could be wrong

king1, Mar 21, 8:06pm
buy a decent laptop but spend a $900+ on it. The sub $800 ones are made to a price and will be slow.

agree with above if you type more than a paragraph or so better to get a laptop - touchscreens and/or tablet keyboards are just too painful for typing a lot imho

footplate1, Mar 21, 9:55pm
I have an iPad2 and bought a keyboard, which I use only rarely when home. But use it heaps, when travelling for pleasure.

I have an ASUS laptop which I use for business travel.

Lately, as my addresses are either XTRA-based or gmail, I have been frustrated by the iPad. It has a deteriorated service on 3g and mail often hangs. Is OK on home wifi. The other downer is there is no spam filter on the iPad.

I often use the laptop in the house when it is socially more important to not sit in the office. Worked very well until a prominent house-call computer servicing firm did a LOUSY job on servicing and I ended up with a less than perfect laptop that cost me a fortune.

Don't know if this helps.

suicidemonkey, Mar 21, 9:57pm
If you do word processing, get a laptop.

mattnzw, Mar 22, 1:21am
Perhaps get one of apples new macbooks. They are really apples version of a netbook, but better screen and battery life.

leeran, Mar 22, 4:05am
Hey thanks guys. I've heard about the HP for $399 at Noel Leaming but thought "what's wrong with it to be so cheap"?

suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 4:19am
Slow processor, average display, average build quality. Fine for people that just check their e-mails and browse the net, but it won't handle much else.

ianab, Mar 22, 4:22am
Small screen, low power processor, small RAM, puny battery, AND you can asusme that as well as that, it's also built cheap.

richardw13, Mar 22, 7:14am
Poor quality screen and poor viewing angles, and low resolution screen too.

king1, Mar 22, 8:09am
pretty much everything.

microft768, Mar 22, 8:12am
How to use Ctrl + F to search for a word in a web page when using an iPad ?
I hope Apple would create a web site especially for word processing, like you need to create an user account and use it's special software-keyboard that it can pop up for word processing (special design with hot keys icons like PASTE, COPY, CTRL+F), just like the on-screen touch pad keyboard used by iPad (what I'm using now ) . It's very annoying to copy and paste a word/letters in the middle of a sentence/word, as you need to touch precisely at a pinpoint to mark the 'paste-point' . I love iPad cos I can type like shit and it can spell every shits right!
I can write Chinese with touch screen too, no more need to learn ping yin anymore. Too bad TM has no Chinese input yet ;)

There are no arrow keys to move the mouse cursor when editing letters or a word, you can copy and paste amid letters/word, backspace on them to erase letter(s) or a word, but where are the left and right arrow keys? Apple is dumb!

And when I need to scroll up and down in order to edit this post - it takes more brain powers than Billidiot Noob Gates' to task it!

vtecintegra, Mar 22, 8:37am

microft768, Mar 22, 8:39am
Oh, Apple better has Windows 9 online as virtual machine so you can 'use' it with remote access point from your iPad . Word processing, create office documents before the work done can be downloaded into your iPad, or email to your office so you don't even need to print them out!
It's like you're playing a video game inside a PC game. As in 3d characters you moves about in a virtual word, sit down before a PC and turn it on inside the game, and you've a 3d screen of the what "deva" os the game has .

microft768, Mar 22, 9:20am
Not fully effective, but it should work all fine on regular words.
I've tried to find on this page with a search of 'vte', it works. But on the search for 'integra' it has failed.
But then if it's just 'integra' and it'll work, as the integra I've typed in here and not the integra as part of a trade me username.

Thank anyway.

dbolton, Mar 23, 6:06am
Ipad and the like are a pain in the neck literally. Apparently 6 times more likely to give neck problems . Often frustrating when scrolling, often getting side panels ads coming up during this process. Much prefer a laptop but obviously not as portable but the laptop is more usable for letter writing etc.

leeran, Mar 24, 5:12am
From what I've read here I've definitely decided on a laptop (yes I still want to call them that).
So can someone recommend the best make? Been looking at Dell, Toshiba & HP. Don't want to pay more than $1000 but want speed, I'm so sick of the slowness of this Acer Aspire. So what are the letters & numbers to look for? Remember I'm a little ole lady who knows f@@k all about computers. Just enough to browse the web, do emailing & I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done LOL.

king1, Mar 24, 5:19am
whats actually wrong with the 4yo Acer. It may just need a good clean out.

leeran, Mar 24, 10:12pm
Yes king1 I'm def going to take it to an IT person for good check over before buying another one.

thrifty-sella, Mar 29, 10:28pm
Look for Apple Mac Pro on trademe

cafc2012, Apr 7, 5:19pm
I have a Lenovo T430 laptop for work, it is a good business laptop, it gets a a good thrashing on Work and Excel, and never had a speed issue. Would be rubbish for games of course, but it's not designed for that.

If its mostly email and word processing, go for a dedicated business laptop, rather than paying more for video capabilities you don't need.

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