Is it me, my computer or my internet provider.

pauline999, Feb 10, 6:38am
that causes my screen to grey out when I click on a topic? The little circle appears going slowly round and round even when I use page up/down or the scroll bar the same thing happens. And when I type it stops for several seconds and then the rest of the sentence appears. It is driving me nuts ! I am not computer literate: I know how to switch my computer on and not much more Any help appreciated

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 6:45am
Probably your computer. Try a different browser, like Chrome.

Click here to download:

pauline999, Feb 10, 6:58am
Eureka ! Instant results, thank you

king1, Aug 29, 4:07pm
probably full of crap - might be worth a clean up too

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