New phone charging

kittycat, Apr 2, 9:35pm
I have a new smart phone (brand is irrelevant) and have conflicting advise about charging the battery. It has come partly charged.

Do I
1) charge it for 24 hours before using it for the first time?
2) use it to flatten it and then recharge fully?
3) use it to 40% then recharge?

wayne416, Apr 2, 10:17pm
Just charge till fully charged then use as normal.

_drdee_, Apr 2, 11:39pm
LiPo batteries in modern phones do not have a 'memory' like they used to, just number of charge cycles now (probably around 500).
So just charge and use is all you need to worry about.

mazdasix, Apr 2, 11:41pm
Charge fully then use.

Frequent complete discharges will reduce the batteries lifespan. So don't let it run completely flat too often (I.e. Below 10 percent)

Otherwise, just use it.

newbie5, Apr 3, 4:19am
If it is a new phone then you should have to fit the battery so it will be flat. Install it and plug in the charger until it is charged.
I bought my phone ,fiited the battery and sim card then I just left it charging over night. Now i just charge intermitantly usually when it is down to about a third and it comes up fully about 2-3 hours after.

brapbrap8, Apr 3, 8:55am
Just turn on and use if the battery is already charged.
When I got my latest phone they got it out of the box in the shop and turned it on to copy my contacts over from the old phone.

suicidemonkey, Mar 26, 2:19pm
Batteries generally won't be fully charged out of the box (if the manufacturer is at all competent).

Somewhere around 50% is the best place to store them long term. Storing them fully charged or fully depleted puts stress on the cells and reduces the life.

Fully charge it before you turn it on (using it while charging is fine). This helps to calibrate the onboard chip that talks to your device and tells it how much charge is left.

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