Laptop tech support needed please

skyline26, Aug 28, 6:27am
hi I have Acer and I got new hard drive put in and it not go all my file have been loaded on new hard drive.

The business in Te aroha shut down so I can't take it back to them and I reckon with some advise I can fix it my self hahaha so if you can be of some help I be grateful cheers ( Acer Aspire 6920G)

skyline26, Aug 28, 6:28am
it goes on and off

r.g.nixon, Aug 28, 6:38am
What operating system?
When it goes "on", does it fully start up? Then how long does it work for? Is this on battery, or plugged into mains also?
When it goes "off", do all lights/LEDs go out?

skyline26, Aug 28, 6:56am
Umm don't understand system question. It's on power mains, it does not start up LEDs flash on and off

r.g.nixon, Aug 28, 8:05am
Did it work after they put the new HDD in?

skyline26, Aug 28, 8:45am
Yes but then it just went on and off now it don't boot up the led just flicks on and off

black-heart, Aug 28, 8:54am
sounds like its broken.

skyline26, Aug 29, 3:03am
It now starts and only get to: start to reboot or start go to windows.
I try both but it just goes back to enter to reboot or enter to start windows
It's like it got brain damage haha.

I know some one out there will know what to do please help

black-heart, Aug 29, 6:38am
it has a faulty drive.

skyline26, Aug 29, 7:13am
Cool I get it checked out I'm done with been a home fixer haha
Thanks to you's that's had input CHEERS

johotech, Dec 26, 8:05pm
Tech support may say this is a PEBKAC problem, or wetware issue.

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