Samsung Galaxy S4 picture problem.

south9, Apr 30, 4:15am
My Samsung Galaxy s4 does everything perfectly EXCEPT it will not receive/open pictures from anyone. I can send to all but cannot receive.
Got a new sim card the other day and still it won't receive pics. Spark have checked their end - can't find anything wrong. NLeeming staff can't identify any problem - has anyone else had similar problems. ?

lostdude, Apr 30, 4:19am

king1, Apr 30, 4:20am
if its a pxt then it needs to be on data not wifi
and also the mms settings need to be configured on phone

south9, Apr 30, 4:59am
Hi guys,
Phone settings agreed with spark www as above.
Wifi switched off.
Still didn't work. (((
Tks for ideas anyway. ((

king1, Apr 30, 5:45am
got credit/data on the phone

rz_zone, Apr 30, 11:54pm
Use viber, mms is so 2005. :p

mike16, May 1, 6:47am
yep . viber !

black-heart, May 1, 10:36pm
did you turn ON mobile data ?

south9, May 2, 1:06am
Yes black-heart. )))

lostdude, May 2, 3:36am
When was the last time you updated the phone?

south9, Dec 22, 9:18am
I usually access Wifi and download any updates when they show available

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