My illegal Win 7 now win 10 trial legit thanks MS

geek_mazdasix, Jun 25, 11:04 am

preview is crap. and id say final will be too.

geek_velenski, Jun 25, 11:09 am

out off date

it will become full vers so long as you stay insider program user

geek_froggyb, Jun 25, 11:10 am

Hubby has preview version 10130 currently on his laptop. He seems to think it works reasonably ok. It did kill a few of his tech programs when it installed though.

geek_nice_lady, Jun 25, 11:12 am

It will become "unlegit" as soon as the final release is out and you want to leave the Tech Preview program. GUARANTEED.
BTW, the MS Forums are not made up of MS Employees, they are a mismatch of experts and complete noddy's much like TM's Computing Thread and all have their own take on issues :-)

geek_d.snell, Jun 25, 12:37 pm

geek_duggin, Jun 26, 9:30 am

Working really doesn't have anything to do with legitimate

geek_vtecintegra, Jun 26, 10:48 am


Fortunately all my PCs are both - but XP. Like Jetgriff, I'll have to wait and see. There's still several choices, it's not even a question of security. . :)

geek_duggin, Jun 26, 11:00 am

as are all of mine, Win7. If you're getting the black desktop and watermark, you're doing it wrong.

I'll be trying the free upgrade on my grandaddy laptop, see how it goes.

geek_schizoid, Jun 26, 11:23 am

Problem some might have with staying in the insider program is that you will always be a few steps ahead of the "final release" and that might be a bit of a bug filled experience. At the moment an Insider is at the end of the development cycle for 10, so it's very stable, but you will be moved to the start of the development of 11, which will be anything apart from stable.

geek_d.snell, Jun 27, 1:36 pm

Also helps when MS makes a clear statement, rather than their usual obfuscating blog post. :))

geek_duggin, Jun 27, 7:39 pm

All you need to do is untick 971033 and select Hide Update. It will mark it as do not install and should never bother you again.

geek_d.snell, Jul 18, 5:27 am

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