Installing Facebook on Samsung Mini

Hi, I'm wanting to install Facebook and have just begun the process.
I've gotten to the screen that requests access to the following -
Device and app history
Photos / Media / Files

There appears to be no option to opt out of any of the listed.
All or nothing.
Am I being too careful ? (Read paranoid) ?

I'm a smartphone virgin - please be gentle

geek_diamondgirl06, Aug 27, 10:28 am

Just install it, it needs most of those permissions to function. Most apps are the same.

geek_wayne416, Aug 27, 10:43 am

Or you can access Facebook through the browser, as you would on a computer if the permissions worry you.
I use facebook through the browser on my Samsung, as the app is too glitchy and doesn't work right on my tablet.

geek_brapbrap8, Aug 27, 11:05 am

It's fine. Most apps are the same. The app needs those permissions to function correctly.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 27, 11:53 am

Thanks guys, I've accessed it through my browser and have managed to post a photo - that's a first !
I'll look at installing the app as I get more confident with driving the phone.
Thanks again

geek_diamondgirl06, Aug 27, 3:22 pm

Problem with some cheaper smartphones is the lack of memory. I had to use FB on the browser to save memory space on my just a year old Samsung Xcover2.

geek_gadgetman, Jan 10, 5:30 pm

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