Bug in Apple iPhones causes phone to crash via TXT

nzoomed, May 30, 3:32am
Looks like your iPhone can crash if it gets certain characters in the TXT message that it doesnt like.

IDK if they cant read arabic text or not, but i dont think the words "effective power" have any bearing on this particular exploit lol, people are going to have fun with this, happy im on android.

2nd2none, May 30, 4:32am
This is old news and already apple is working on a patch. This is in no way as bad as the dialer code bug which could hard reset galaxy devices a few years ago just by clicking an embedded link or scanning a QR code on a web page.

kieran211, May 30, 4:44am
Pretty recent news I thought? Heard about it a couple days ago sure but that's pretty recent to me. Just tried it myself and it definitely works.

2nd2none, May 30, 5:09am
Ok it is recent but when you're so use to the pace of reddit for instance, news becomes old really fast considering the same news usually filters out into the mainstream days later

nzoomed, May 30, 10:03am
I only heard about it today and news sites said that the story was only added 9 hours ago at the time of writing this thread lol.

Anyway i tried it on a friends phone ans she calls me asking me what all this gibberish was in the txt! lol

Obviously didnt work on her iP4, i had to come up with some sort of explanation on why i sent it lol

kieran211, Oct 2, 3:17am
I think you have to have toast notifications (or whatever they're called) enabled and can't be in the message thread. Apparently the issue is to do with iOS attempting to show the notification and fails and the notification system causes a crash

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