Access to networked drive issue HELP NEEDED

I have a Netgear N600
I have connected an external USB drive to the USB socket.
Using the online help I have set up the drive for use on my home network
However I cannot access the drive internally.
I can see the drive if I use a browser but cannot see the drive on my network
Using WIN10 is that the issue?

here is what the instructions say

Creating a Network Folder
From the USB Storage (Advanced Settings) screen, click the Create a Network Folder button to
open the Create a Network Folder screen:

You can use this screen to create a folder and to specify its Share Name, Read Access, and Write
Access from All - no password to admin. The user name (account name) for All ?? no password
is guest. The password for admin is the same one that is used to log in to the router main menu.
By default, it is password.

I have done all of that
with my router admin software runing I can see the USb drive
I can see the network folder I have created too

the blurb tells me to

download readyshare connect exe which I have done
I run it
it asle me which filder do i want to MAP

the \\readyshare\USB_Storage is already selected
when I try to map the drive I get the following

WINDOWS CANNOT ACCESS \\readyshare\USB_Storage

any ideas?

I CAN access the drive as i sadi via FTP and HTTP


Is this a WIN10 issue do you think?

geek_hapukanz, Aug 11, 11:01 pm

at one point win 10 developer previews didn't allow anonymous network shares. don't think that is the case with the final release though

geek_king1, Aug 11, 11:11 pm

Any router that has a USB port can be configure to use a drive within that network.If you have dont all the work to put your drive on the network & it can be seen by other devices such as a tablet or any other device then its likely it could be that machine,
By default i believe windows 10 turns off "make this machine discover networks " when on upgrading & on clean installs,

geek_ragey, Aug 11, 11:21 pm

Hiya Ragey
Not it is not my laptop I am having issues with it is the external USB drive I have attached to the Router
I have gone through all the steps as per the manul, but cannot acess the drive internally.
If I plug it directly in to my laptop I can access the drive no worries, so it is not the drive,
If I type into thr RUN command \\readyshare\USB_Storage as suggeste din the instructions, it cannot be found.
if I type into a browser ftp://readyshare.routerlogin.n-
et/USB_Storage/ I can see it and access it but only to FTP.
I want access through the network as a mapped drive so I can add folders etc

for your input though

geek_hapukanz, Aug 11, 11:28 pm

Just checked



geek_hapukanz, Aug 11, 11:34 pm

Are you sure network discovery is on for the actual network profile you're using? private - public.

geek_ross1970, Feb 27, 4:55 pm

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