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coolthree, Apr 6, 3:58am
Hi, i'm not sure if i'm in the right place : Senior ,going motorhome traveling, need the best value phone ipod set up, just for calls, texts and basic internet, i use 15gb per month at home on my lap top, seems that much is hard to do on mobile, any help appreciated

trade_menow, Apr 6, 5:02am
To keep the internet usage low use public wifi whereever possible. just dont use it for net banking ( risky )

coolthree, Apr 6, 6:43am
thanks trade-menow, i didn't realise the potental cost of mobile internet theres no real deals

tintop, Apr 6, 8:21am
Mobile data tends to be very expensive.

If we go away in the camper I just get a 500mb add on to my prepay Vodafone mobile phone. Last time i did that t was $19 to be used within 7 days. Things may have changed recently. Check the website.

There are other add ons for greater data amounts that are usable for a longer period of time, and there are free wifi spots, esp public libraries

coolthree, Apr 6, 8:39am
thanks tintop, i'm going for 1 or 2 years alot of which i intend to spend rural fishing etc, origanally i thought i could run away from home so to speak with much the same avaliabilty as i do here never thought the cost would be so great.

tintop, Apr 6, 9:00am
Just a thought - check out the 'rural broadband Initiative' on Vodafone and Spark. There may well be a way you could use that service in your mob home. The Motor Caravan Association may have some advice also.

You could also check with the vodafone forum :

If JohnR is about you will find him very helpful.

coolthree, Apr 6, 11:25pm
Yeah tintop, thats interesting, also been a member of nzmca for a few years in preparation, lots of people more techo savy than me, I'm thinking of the day's i'll be rained or snowed in when i would normally spend all day on the net, oh well life may have to change, but thanks heaps for your input.

gammelvind, Apr 6, 11:33pm
If you are with 2Degrees for your mobile you can share the data on your iPad. Check them out works for us. Use free wifi wherever we can find it and the 3G data on the plan away from free wifi.

jackiesavage, Apr 7, 2:21am
Hi, I bought a Vodafone pocket wi-fi and got heaps of data valid for 6 months (5gb) it can be topped up. We connect both our phones, iPad and computer and we are not going to get through all of it in 6 months. We bought it at Noel Leemings for $79 less $7.17 NZMCA discount and when we set it up Vodafone told us we had $80 credit which we used to buy the 5gb. The pocket wifi can be charged in your van via 12volts. We love it except when out of range!

coolthree, Apr 7, 2:32am
Cheers gammelvind and jackie, thanks both options i'll check out, 2 degree i like for carry over data, which i doubt i'll have much of, vodaphone pocket sounds great as well, yip i guess the out of range thing is something i just have to get used to in remote areas.As you probably realise i depend on the internet a lot but not that techo savy, the nzmh forum tends to get a little over my head sometimes.

trade_menow, Apr 7, 2:48am
if you have a smartphone those pocket wifi things are a waste in alot of smartphone settings you'll find theres a portable wifi hotspot setting with it turned on your able to share the internet with other closeby wifi enabled devices

trade_menow, Apr 7, 2:58am
OP also worth a slight mention is that spark offer 1gb free a day only catch is you need to be close to the wifi hotspot which happens to be public payphones
its avail on there $19 plans or if your not a spark customer then you could try it free for a week then 9.95 for 30 days

and i've just noticed skinny have a new plan its unlimited mins , unlimited txt and 2.5g carry over data for $46 OR 300 nz/aus rollover , unlimited txt nz / aust - 1gb rollover data - unlimited skinny to skinny calling mins for $26 they use the spark network so coverage wise its not to bad -

tintop, Apr 7, 3:59am
Yes - I use my android phone as a wifi hotspot n the camper, I then use the laptop and Ms Tin uses her tablet. I get data as needed as 'add ons' to my prepay. The add on includes phone air time and txts

trade_menow, Apr 7, 4:01am
dont forget to make sure the password is active otherwise anyone in range can lurch your wifi

tintop, Apr 7, 4:12am
hehe - we get away to get away now that the solar panel is up and working. But yes - the password s set.

coolthree, Apr 7, 4:51am
Hey this is probbly the best advice i've had people, makes me more comfotable when in the shop knowing im not going to get stiched up with something i need to replace to quickly

trade_menow, Apr 7, 5:29am
Your welcome, just remember the only dumb thing is not to ask

coolthree, Apr 7, 5:44am
Cheers trade_menow, gets a whole lot easier when you get good advice , often from younger ones for tech stuff,was once stiched up with a large phone deal a few years back, can't blame the telecom shop guy he was probably on commission but i paid nearly 2k for something a few hundred would of done, so at my age i'm alittle gun shy. Saved all my life to do this 24 month trip, just getting the extras, so thanks to everyone, really appreciate it.

tintop, Apr 7, 6:38am
Take a wee bit of time, call in to the shops for each of Vodafone, Spark, 2 Deg, Tell them what you want and see what they have to offer in the way of plans and devices.

Avoid places like Hardly Normal - and Dick Smith is pretty much the lowest ranked on the after sales service survey.

Compare monthly plans with prepay. for cost and data/phone/txt.

Things are changing faster and faster so if a plan, you may be out of date with what is new if you go for a 2 year one.

If you have been planning the trip for a while, and it is for a couple of years - it is worth sorting something that will suit you well.

And btw -we all expect to see the odd photo here of any good fish you have landed.

Best of luck. :)

coolthree, Apr 7, 7:57am
Cheers tintop, good advice, yes probably wont go for a long term plan, seems theres some resonable carry on deals, fish ,well i am hoping to spend quiet a lot of time back country or as much as i can in this motorhome i've purchased, have your details noted, imported a portable canning plant so who knows what may find it's way north , cheers again, i have 7 itchy weeks to go.

intrade, Apr 7, 10:20pm
one thing rural remote areas telecon-aka spark has usually better reception. and skinny has had the lowest prepay data from the spark-network "wodofone and 2 degrees are on the same network and telecon-spark groupe and skinny are the other signal. wcdma or what ever its called id just get me a skinny stick for telecon when no wodoofone signal is in range. i got the unlocked sierra wireless telecon stick with external antenna plug and a magnet antenna for my camper.

coolthree, Mar 12, 4:18pm
Hi intrade, where did you get the magnetic antenna from ? sounds like a good option.

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