may321, Mar 12, 2:33am
I am having problems with my samsung S5. Its been playing up a bit. and using up the battery very quickly. I had problems with mediaserver being the main usage of my battery life before. so took a look at that and yes. there it was mediaserver at the top using the most battery life. I have googled it and it says it is a virus. does anyone know how i can stop this coming up all the time. last time i reset phone to factory settings and it was ok for a while. now its back in full force.

king1, Mar 12, 2:52am

may321, Mar 12, 4:57am
any more info.

_drdee_, Mar 13, 2:32am
Could be corruption (or faulty) on the micro SD card forcing the mediaserver to get stuck in a loop scanning the card.

Easiest way to confirm is to reformat the micro SD and see if the problem persists. If it does, try a different micro SD and see if it persists. That will rule out corruption in the first example and then a faulty card in the second.

may321, Mar 13, 6:37am
thanks drdee. I do not use an SD card. so its not that. i ended up resetting phone to factory settings. which i did before when it happened. now the mediaserver is at the bottom of my list. not top. just not sure why this happens. having read about it. seems a lot of people of this problem. my daughter says. buy an Iphone. haha.

rz_zone, Mar 13, 6:49am
Try clearing the cache partition next time it happens.

_drdee_, Mar 14, 1:10am
Yep good move, I just didn't think anyone was not running a micro SD :)

may321, May 22, 3:56am
yep im not drdee. i did use one when i first got my phone. it crapped out and i lost all that was on it. so wasnt impressed and havent brought another . can you tell me the benefits of having one

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