CDF-MS files

5425, Mar 19, 2:47am
I bought a 2G. external hard drive and have backup win 7 is in CDF-ms file.
Where can I find the programmes to open.?

r.g.nixon, Mar 19, 4:18am
I haven't heard of these, but take a look here.

5425, Mar 19, 5:17am
I am trying to backup win 7 64 bit. need to get a system image first

the system cannot find the path specified 080070003

Something about SP1 but has SP2 and chrome

CDF-ms files something to do with vista [google]

5425, May 7, 2:52pm
I only have a usb2 plug but the HD is usb3. --aren't these plug and play?. I have updated the drivers thinking it may be chrome problem , but looks like it needs IE. Win 7 Sp1 removed that program you mentioned , [Microsoft]

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