Loyalty Cards App

I am wanting to store all my loyalty cards on an app so I don't have to carry them all. I have an iphone 6 does anybody know of a good app to use please.

geek_mlg26, Apr 25, 5:17 pm

I use stocard - there's a couple of cards that can't be added but on the whole I find it pretty good.

geek_magoo1971, Apr 25, 5:27 pm

i use smart barcode - anything with a barcode can be added but the only problem i've struck is the store cant read it because the screen is reflective so then im asked if i have the card on me and usually i dont so if the checkout person has time ( or wants to ) will manually enter the barcode number

geek_trade_menow, Apr 25, 8:29 pm

I use beepngo on my Galaxy S4 but as Trade_menow says a normal barcode reader can't read an LCD screen. Beepngo instead pulses out the barcode using the phones infrared sender and it works perfectly

Needless to say Beepngo only works on phones that have an infrared transmitter like my S4

geek_logo, Apr 25, 8:54 pm

had no idea of this 1 - have downloaded it and saved card details hopefully no more waiting around for the checkout person to enter card details

geek_trade_menow, Apr 25, 10:50 pm

Bar code readers not reading on screen barcodes is one of those funny issues, the better you Phone eg S4 and above and most Apples
the more likely that the screens won't scan as they use polarisation in their screens
if you have a cheap Smart phone it still works most of the time.

geek_pozzie-nz, Apr 26, 10:53 am

Thank you for your replies. I'm going to try the Stocard and see how I go.

geek_mlg26, Jan 15, 9:54 pm

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