Which Ipad?

ratzos, May 11, 6:42am
Hi Guys,

Going to replace the headunit of my car with an iPad. Now, the installation, wiring it to the amp via a potentiometer etc. is all pretty straightforward for me.

Which model iPad should I go with? I'm mostly just going to be running my music, GPS and a few car specific apps. Will be using a wireless OBDII scanner, to be connected to the iPad via bluetooth so I can run diagnostic apps on the go too. Would probably just go with a second-hand/refurbished unit. I just want the best value for money.
This may be a silly question, but would it allow hands free?


suicidemonkey, May 11, 6:52am
iPad Mini would be a good bet.

Just a few comments form personal experience though. I did this a couple of years back, and lost 3 tablets due to faults caused by overheating. They can't be left in the car if it's hot outside (the batteries are only rated for around 30 degrees).

And even just running the heater caused the tablet to overheat and glitch out.

So yeah, I wouldn't do it again personally.

ratzos, May 11, 9:07am
Thanks mate. Was going to go for a full iPad as if I relocate the climate control, the fascia can almost take the full size standard.
I might hook up a 12v fan off the acc too to regulate the temp from behind, so that shouldn't be an issue

suicidemonkey, May 11, 9:15am
Yeah I was thinking about fans but they'd have to run 24/7 (at least during the day) unless you want to remove the tablet from the car when you're not in it. As I said, more than 30 degrees or so and you're likely to have issues.

Solar powered fans maybe? I've seen them on Ebay.

But yeah anyway, if you get it working, would definitely be interested in how you've got it set up.

If you're wanting the full sized iPad, a refurb iPad Air or iPad 4 is a good bet.

rz_zone, May 11, 12:02pm
Mighty Car Mods did this few years ago.

dee238, Dec 2, 8:02pm

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