lefty1234, Feb 8, 9:09pm
hi do these work if your program files are missing?. i can get on desktop but
can go no further when i click on Desktop icons. its XP. ALSO do they work when i cant do Factory Reset. it says Error with a lot of numbers after it. Grr Thankyou from a laptop novice.

r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 9:37pm
These disks are specific to your computer model.
How about you just tell us the error numbers, or supply a photo?

lefty1234, Feb 8, 11:35pm
error os4001001300001002. thats what it says after i try to to a factory reset. and i cant go any further. compaq vista.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 12:06am
Put 4001001300001002 into a google search.
Read some of the forum discussions.

cookee_nz, Feb 9, 10:32am
did you buy it new?, you would have been prompted to make your own set of recovery disks specific to your model, perhaps you did it and forgot? And maybe you have the disks stored away somewhere? Do you still have the option to press F11 for recovery? (warning recovery WILL WIPE data)

d.snell, Aug 31, 10:52am
Compaq Vista, yet it's on XP? Something wrong there. Possibly been reformatted at some stage to put XP on it and the Recovery Partition Has been deleted.

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