Cord for connecting my laptop with printer

yuuhoo, Jun 5, 9:46pm
I have a dell laptop windows 8, and I need a cord for connecting to the printer. I dont recall there being one when I bought the laptop. What do I need?

skin1235, Jun 5, 9:51pm
standard usb end one computer end, but you need to look at the printer end, it maybe standard usb or it maybe different, the cords are available at most warehouse stationary type stores or dick smith etc

nzmu, Jun 5, 10:04pm
Is the printer wireless? Then you don't need a cord.

skin1235, Jun 5, 10:13pm
check the packaging re the printer, the cord would be with that, not the laptop, normal would be usb A both ends, but some printers use a usbB at the printer end

rz_zone, Jun 5, 10:36pm
Some newer printers don't come with a cord now.

What printer? Or you can just google the printer model.

cookee_nz, Jun 6, 10:44am
'Normal' would actually be USB-A to USB-B. Rarely should you ever connect USB-A to USB-A because it's a powered port and you'll risk serious damage. The only time I used a cable like that was back in the days of Fastlynx and it had an opto-coupler between the two A connectors for electrical separation.
All printers with a USB printing connection will have a USB-B port (the square one), and it's almost always at the rear, often near the power connector or either side. Any printer with a USB-A port will have the port at the front and this is only for connecting storage devices, direct printing from flash-drives or a digital camera etc, and some advanced models for firmware updates also. :-)

skin1235, Jun 6, 11:15pm
could have sworn thats what I said in the first place
usb A at computer end, usbB at the printer end

cookee_nz, Sep 8, 4:06pm
"normal would be usb A both ends" - this is what I picked up on, must have been a slip of the fingers :-)

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