Voyager Connection

gremlin6969, Feb 7, 8:54am
We lost our connection Friday morning modem lost all settings we have pass word but cannot get the modem to connect and have a second modem and have tried this but there needs to be username. something this I don't know and unfortunately they don't have a 24hr support so annoying. Is there anyone out there that has settings for there Zyxel Modem or a Netcomm modem just need the username string. Thanks wife will be so happy to get Facebook back

spyware, Feb 7, 5:59pm
Serves you right for resetting it, funny stuff. Resetting is a totally pointless activity anyway, never know it to solve any prob.

Try email address as username.

PPPoATM (assuming ADSL)
VPI/VCI = 0/100

nice_lady, Feb 7, 7:11pm
The use name will most likely be the same as your email name/ Address

deodar1, Sep 5, 3:58am
Ask Glenn on Facebook.

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