USB flash drive docking station

Just purchased one of these for didley squat
with the intention of docking usb flash drives on an LG smart tv with only 2 usb ports, but it makes the tv go banannas.

Tried on desk top PC but only able to access one drive and then only if all other ports empty.

Unit faulty, crap or not suitable for purpose?

Thanks for opinions.

geek_kiwisapper, Aug 16, 9:31 am

I can imagine the TV would have an issue with it especially if it only has one USB slot. but did it come with drivers or software?

Make/Model. googled it for a manual?

geek_soodanim, Aug 16, 10:52 am

The TV has 3 USB slots.
The blurb advertising the docking station said said no drivers necessary.

geek_kiwisapper, Aug 16, 1:06 pm

No one is really going to be able to help you without you advising the make and model of the USB docking station.

geek_soodanim, Aug 16, 4:02 pm

Does the link in the OP not help? Unit is also listed here on TradeMe and

geek_kiwisapper, Aug 16, 5:01 pm

The link in the original post is an image with words that are mostly unreadable. how would you expect that too help? The auctions don't list make and model either.

I am assuming you have contacted the seller? It does sound faulty but then it's generic hardware it might be a bit hit and miss that it works as it should.

geek_soodanim, Aug 16, 5:37 pm

Probably faulty - I have one and all ports work on pc and PS3.

geek_nzmu, Feb 13, 9:31 pm

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