Motorola defy mini 320 problem

jimmy.k, Feb 22, 12:44am
My wife's defy mini phone is telling me that The messaging is full. I have deleted al the messages & nothing shows, yet when a message is sent to it the prompt says inbox is full. Do I have to do a factory hard set. Cheers

mouse_y, Feb 22, 12:47am
try powering off, and reboot

jimmy.k, Feb 22, 2:55am
Thanks, tried that a couple of times. No luck. Thanks any way

vtecintegra, Feb 22, 3:06am
Try clearing the cache on some apps (Settings - Apps - tap an App - tap 'Clear Cache')

Some apps that quickly build up large caches are the Browser (Internet, Chrome, Opera, whichever one you use), Facebook, Twitter etc

jimmy.k, Jul 17, 9:06am
Thanks guys. Took the battery out & seems to have fixed the problem. Cheers

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