Am I the only one or are there others out there

elsielaurie1, May 11, 3:28am
having problems connecting to the Spark internet? I've had to turn off and reboot my 'router?' 3x today. It's working now but for how long? -- North Otago region.

king1, May 11, 4:27am
i've had issues the last couple of days - seems better today though.
Keep an eye on data usage though, mine spiked to over 55gb thursday when I couldn't even get access.
They were less than helpful about replacing the data that mysteriously got used - only if I went over quota would they look at it

deodar1, May 11, 8:27am
Tonight is bad for connectivity-almost downloaded new drivers for mouse.Just
have to keep refreshing router & I just paid the slackers for phone & Data
I didn't use.Can't get out of the contract until July.Also they sold me a Huawai
phone i haven't managed to ever use & I pay $20 a month for that.Only $5 for the phone paperweight but thats Telescum under a new name for you.

suicidemonkey, Dec 4, 8:30am
Firstly, what does your internet connection have to do with your mouse? If your mouse is playing up, that is in no way related to your internet connection.

Secondly, you blame them for selling you a phone that you never use? How is that Spark's fault? You signed the contract. If the phone has issues, get a new one. That's what the warranty is for. If you're under contract, they'll fix or replace it for you.

Stop moaning on a message board and do something about the issues.

Right. Anyway. OP - no, absolutely no problems with Spark here. Give them a call, the majority of problems are either your wiring or your router, and can be fixed easily. I had issues a while back, a new router fixed them right up. The cheap router's they supply don't last forever.

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