Has anyone replaced fan on tivo series 3?

Howdy folks,

Our 3 year old tivo series 3 case fan is starting to whine intermittently and this is getting annoying.

I've come across this website which is helpful in recommending a Fractal brand fan (altho that particular one is not available in NZ): http://usedmonkey.com/2013/10/how-to-make-a-tivo-quiet/ I'm wondering if this locally available one would be as good: Cooling Fan 50mm 12VDC 0.12A 50x50x11.5mm http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/List. x?id=911738883 I'm not 100% on the plug compatibility of the trade me one, here is a photo showing the innards of our tivo with the fan plug visible (mid right hand side): https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoser. /402684906.jpg

Does anyone have any experience with swapping fans in their tivo?

Appreciate any advice, thanks!

geek_sooby, Aug 10, 2:33 pm

If it is like your typically PC case fan, you can hack into the back of them and use sewing machine oil or CRC556/WD40 to quieten it down.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 10, 2:41 pm

Yeah, I borrowed some lubricant (cant remember the name but it was designed for locks, so repels dust while still lubricating), but I chickened out because the fan had no obvious locations to spray this stuff into! I was also unsure if I killed the fan how far away a replacement fan is + the wife had a large backlog of shows that she would apparently die if they were lost

geek_sooby, Aug 10, 3:01 pm

Contact tivo, as I had heard they are still doing replacements for tivos. Although maybe too late if you have already opened it.

geek_juliew3, Aug 10, 11:44 pm

Hey Sooby,
Is your Tivo the model TCD663320 ?

geek_sqidlie, Aug 11, 12:22 am

I recently bought some fans for my TiVos but not installed them yet. Just note that they are 70mm with a 2 wire plug.

geek_75ta, Aug 11, 7:18 am

Cheap enough from here and great service.i bought a new remote control and it took less than a week to arrive

geek_pommyjohn1, Aug 11, 6:53 pm

sure is

geek_sooby, Aug 11, 9:20 pm

ok, where did you get them from & do you have a model number of the fan please?

geek_sooby, Aug 11, 9:21 pm

geek_rojill, Aug 11, 9:40 pm

Then its easy to replace the fan
You dont even need to disconnect the power
But you will need a tork #10 screw drive to remove the back cover screws and the fan screws (4)
Just unplug the white plug remove the fan screws and reverse proceedure to replace, 10 minutes max

geek_sqidlie, Aug 11, 9:51 pm

Its Best to disconnect the power - 1 its safer , 2 . knock a hard drive while powered and you can almost say goodbye to it

geek_trade_menow, Aug 12, 1:49 am

I only put that forward as OP in post 3 said

" I was also unsure if I killed the fan how far away a replacement fan is + the wife had a large backlog of shows that she would apparently die if they were lost"

As the fan is only a "case "fan, while the lid is off, the workings will get enough air movement and be ok for that short period of time

The Hard drive is down on the left corner while the fan is to the top right
The plug for the fan is only a JST-XH 2 pin and will be easy to seperate

geek_sqidlie, Aug 12, 2:43 am

Cheers 75ta, where did you find your fans, do you have a link please?

geek_sooby, Aug 14, 7:30 pm

This is a 3 pin fan but just connect the red and black wires only and all good to go. Comes with rubber mounts.

geek_75ta, Feb 18, 11:16 pm

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