Hands up of those useing windows 10 build 9926

frogycrzy, Feb 12, 11:06am
how meny of you hate it
love it
or just a pile of ******

for me I do find anti virus programs do not work or install.
the popups just get to annoying all the time.
some items I like ie: directx 12
ie 11
some nice burning programs do install and work.like Leawo Total Media Converter Ultimate 7.

some items you have to edit the reg but I wouldn't advise it if you don't have a clu on what u r doing.

also thay are saying there will b a FREE upgrade to windows 10 rtm.
for this im glad as I have every windows 10 iso apart from the betas that didn't make the cut and where never got out.

the plus side to it you don't have to go thru with the activateing of it or stick the crazy long key in .
the key is implanet into the iso.
if eny one wants like I can place it 4 u.

also you cannot do upgrade to 10 its a clean install so I sugest to use a clean drive and all ways back up your main os.

also I have found that ms office 2003 will work with no hickups.
winiso 6 will also work.
good luck all

suicidemonkey, Feb 12, 11:09am
Meh. It's beta.

black-heart, Feb 12, 11:21am
CBF'ed with beta OS's. I'll just wait till it hits the stores. If it doesn't do an inplace upgrade from win 7, I'll probably ignore it for quite a while.

frogycrzy, Feb 12, 11:22am
yeh. mine don't expire until 28 dec 2015 but by then we all will have the real copy and free key

frogycrzy, Feb 12, 11:24am
you wont c it in shops for atleast a year after its out as thay are giveing it away as upgrade

r.g.nixon, Feb 12, 6:59pm
You'll only get the RTM free if you are already running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1.

froggyb, Feb 13, 2:59am
Really ? The Windows 10 Technical Preview Expires 15 April 2015 . where you get 28 dec 2015 ?

And free UPGRADE from release of Win10 for users with 7 , 8 or 8.1 but not Vista or XP so of course it will be sold in shops

vtecintegra, Feb 13, 4:27am
The current version is a complete mess as they're only part of the way through transitioning from the old style Control Panel to the new style settings app (which I'm not convinced was ever a good idea in the first place.

frogycrzy, Aug 16, 10:03pm
mine is from my msdn account

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