That's why I do love Snap! :)

flower_tears, Feb 7, 7:43am

intrade, Feb 7, 9:28pm
that has little to do with snap it has to do with how good the wiring is and how far away your server is you ping to.

mariner26, Feb 7, 11:03pm
That cannot possible be ADSL. Best I can get is 12 Mbps.

Seems that you have fibre - in which case that is not good at all!

2nd2none, Feb 8, 12:14am

cathi, Feb 8, 8:49am
that would depend which plan they have we have a 30/10 fibre connection just did a speed test this is what we got

r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 9:58am
29/9 for me and a 20ms ping (although I have seen a 1ms ping - maybe when I wasn't going thru a fast ethernet switch).

flower_tears, Sep 3, 3:09pm

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