That's why I do love Snap! :)

geek_flower_tears, Feb 7, 7:43 am

that has little to do with snap it has to do with how good the wiring is and how far away your server is you ping to.

geek_intrade, Feb 7, 9:28 pm

That cannot possible be ADSL. Best I can get is 12 Mbps.

Seems that you have fibre - in which case that is not good at all!

geek_mariner26, Feb 7, 11:03 pm


geek_2nd2none, Feb 8, 12:14 am

that would depend which plan they have we have a 30/10 fibre connection just did a speed test this is what we got

geek_cathi, Feb 8, 8:49 am

29/9 for me and a 20ms ping (although I have seen a 1ms ping - maybe when I wasn't going thru a fast ethernet switch).

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 9:58 am


geek_flower_tears, Sep 3, 3:09 pm

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