Internet speed?

Is 8.5mps considered slow for a vdsl connection over wifi/on a ipad?

geek_maya54321, Mar 31, 6:49 pm

Test with a hard-wired connection to a PC/laptop. Wifi is never a reliable test medium.

geek_lostdude, Mar 31, 6:53 pm

And use to test. You should get closer to 35 Mb/s

geek_r.g.nixon, Mar 31, 7:01 pm

That was on Unfortunatly I don't have a pc/laptop to check wired speed. Just wanted to know whether its worth complaining to Vodafone or not. Over the last week its varied between 3-10 mps.

geek_maya54321, Mar 31, 7:56 pm

I usually get 10MB/s on my broadband and I live 30km out of town, it is a good speed for most things except gaming and watching full HD movies.
Out of interest, 4G on my iPhone 6 in Hamilton can do 35MB/s download and 18MB/s upload which is pretty awesome.

geek_brapbrap8, Mar 31, 10:07 pm

Just wondering when I bring up task master 42 background proccessors comes up. Does that mean they are all running in the background and should I delete them? thanks

geek_greenforde, Apr 1, 8:41 am

You're probably testing your wifi connection rather than your VDSL. I get a little over 10 on an ipad, but 63 on the computer. Semi-rural village. VDSL increases in speed as you keep it on (it started at around 30 when first installed).

geek_tillsbury, Apr 3, 8:06 am

I get 78/35 on my android tablet. but that's on 100Mbps UFF!

My recent VDSL connection gave me 50/20 on lan/ethernet

geek_fishb8, Mar 28, 3:07 pm

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