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ziggie2, Jul 13, 6:39am
Gaming question Whats best to buy for kids, PSP2, PSP3, Xbox or Wii.

We have PSP1 but not working any more. Looking at new system but not sure what is better. Dont want to spend mega bucks.

babcorp, Jul 13, 7:03am
A stick and a ball much better than anything above.

ziggie2, Jul 13, 7:09am
Thats all well and good except for when its pouring with rain and they are scrapping with each other.

info25, Jul 13, 7:16am
How old are they? I think if they are young 10 and under go for a ps2 as they have lots of games for that age group and you can pick up games real cheap. 10+ i would go for a xbox as they have games like Halo that is fun in multiplayer. Although The wii is great fun although if they are young it could be dangerous! (many fights in my house because of the wii) lol

rahto, Jul 13, 7:20am
RE last posttrue, and if they're around 15+ age, go for PS3, as it's just beginning to take off with new games coming out soon (many more suitable for different ages) also if you have a high definition TV, BLU-RAY movies are gonna become increasingly popular, so i would go for PS3

selfdestructive, Jul 14, 8:01am
.....Personally as an aphid gamer myself. PC gaming is better. I find most consoles a waste of time. and when you can up the ram and buy a half decent graphics card for a couple a hundred bucks and buy pc games that can be patched than blowing wads on a new gaming console. I'd recommend pc gaming to any gamer. it can work out cheaper than blowing hundreds on an xbox 360 or even thousands on a ps3.

wduckett, Jul 14, 9:03am
PersonallyI would go for the xbox 360, not too expensive and will keep teens quiet for hours. Wii is cheaper but more for younger children around 8 - 13, buy only one person can play at a time. *Not to promote* But I am selling a Wii right nowAnyway good luck finding the perfect consol. PC could be quite difficult to set up, but best for online playing games.

hdmovies, Jul 14, 9:21am
If I had kids, I'd definetly get them a Wii Sure it's not the same as playing outdoors, but many Wii games involve mild physical activity which is better than none. That and the good ones are pur fun (read reviews before you buy specific games).

hdmovies, Jul 14, 9:22am
"but only one person can play at a time" WTF? many Wii games have two player + modes.

lad4, Jul 14, 9:37am
Get a modded xbox more bang for your buck chances are it will come preloaded with all sorts of games so you wont have to buy any

oclaf, Jul 14, 1:48pm
Honestly buying a playstation was the worst thing my parents ever did for me. its spawned a terrible 14 year gaming addiction. but in answer to your question, cant go wrong with the ps2. really cheap and loads of good games for every age group. ps3 is only worth getting if your willing to put the money into a HD setup. also agree with nothing compares to a good computer for gaming.

osymandias, Jul 14, 2:12pm
IMHO..It will cost you a lot more to set up a decent PC gaming ring than it would to buy a console. PS3 has the advantage of being a real good blueray player. If you look at a cost of a standalone BR player, the PS3 is a bit of a bargain. Wii is seems best for "family fun," XBox has the best online stuff

kylestyle, Jul 14, 2:18pm
Re 12 i disagree. Most folk on here have a pc obviously. All you need is a decent video card and you're set.

osymandias, Jul 14, 10:39pm
A decent video card will set you back at least $300, a decent CPU at least another $300 - and you are just startingBy the time you build your box and get a monitor you're looking at about 2000$ mark. That's to build a gameing rig that can run modern titles at your LCD's native resolution with video settings reasonably high - otherwise, they'll look like crap compared to a console. For that money, you can get a console and a pile of games. Don't get me wrong, I hate gaming on consoles, but there's a damn good reason why they are killing the PC gaming market.

kylestyle, Jul 15, 2:08pm
Let's just assume that most people have got a half-decent cpu. Say, a 3ghz Intel or the AMD equivalent or there or thereabouts. The advent of dual and quad core have made minimal impact on gaming performance, my 3 and a half year old AMD 4000+ can run Crysis on high at 1920x1200. I'm sure a lot of people have good cpus around that 2.4-Ghz mark or a Core2Duo or whatever. I maintain that a $300 video card is all you need, and perhaps an extra gig of ram which is easy to buy. And no you don't have to run it at insane resolutions to match the console versions, CoD4 on PS3 was only running at 600p, GTA4 at 640p! That's not even technically a high definition resolution!

monkey59, Jul 15, 7:56pm
I would suggest an.. By PSP2/3 I assume you mean PS3? I would suggest the Xbox 360, as they have just had a price drop and are much cheaper in comparison to the PS3. Really depends on how old the kids are if they are under 12 just get em a PS2.

dh, Jul 15, 10:48pm
If u on a budgetGo PS2 games are cheap as and PS2 has a huge gaming library, consoles are selling cheap, only downer would be not to many later games will be created on PS2.

osymandias, Jul 16, 12:13am
@15yes, but if console is running on an LCD TV, it will likely have a low Native resolution = no ugly blocking, same goes for CRT TV. A computer monitor has a HIGH native resolution, so if you do not want the picture to look like crap you need a very grunty card. And I mean run properly 30fps MINIMUM with vsync in dx10, which is the equivalent of what consoles are designed to do iirc. I absolutely do not believe you can get a 30fps (min) +vsync in dx10 with any 300$ card. As the old saying goes, "pic or it didn't happen."
Last I read a triple-SLI GTX setup was struggling to get that at max settings.

osymandias, Jul 16, 12:14am
Oh, I was talking specifically about Crysis above ...

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