Mobile phone one way sound only

Often when I speak on my android phone, any sound from the other person cuts out. Not sure if the other person can hear me when they talk but I suspect there is only one way sound on the line. Is there a way to fix this?
Will be back to check replies tomorrow.

geek_paulmc, May 19, 3:13 pm

Someone must know?

geek_paulmc, May 20, 2:29 pm

Reset the phone.

Call your provider.

Try another phone.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 20, 3:14 pm

doubt it would be the network. wayy more likely the phone is playing up. another thing you could try is do a 'hard reset' on the phone as it may have got buggy or some weird app is interfering.

geek_kieran211, May 20, 8:36 pm

Is it for all phone calls or just one caller?

geek_rz_zone, Nov 3, 9:06 am

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