SNAP isp purchased by 2degrees it seems

We??ôre really excited to be merging with NZ??ôs best value mobile network and you can rest easy, knowing that nothing will change for you other than changing our name to 2degrees Broadband. You??ôll still be supported by our same great team, and our same fantastic network built to service customers up and down the country.

geek_intrade, Jun 9, 2:12 pm

hope they won't move into the suckage category.

geek_gibler, Jun 9, 2:14 pm

It will be a fine balancing act - it is hard to keep fantastic service without charging more than competitors.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 9, 2:41 pm

Yeah bit of a weird way to go - Snap isn't the cheapest price but in my experience has quick hold times, an NZ callcenter, reasonably skilled people and are always quick to deliver new internet technology.

Then you have 2Degrees which by and large is known for rock bottom prices but isn't first when it comes to new technology or having an amazing network.

Will be interesting to see which direction Snap goes and if they can pull off the mammoth task of joining two disparate billing systems and getting broadband and mobile on one bill.

geek_kieran211, Jun 10, 11:15 am

We beg to differ. Being the new kids on the block most of our infrastructure is newer than the other 2. During the Chch earthquake our network stood firm. With our roaming network outside the main centres (supplied by Vodafone) our network covers 97% of where kiwi's live and work. Yes, there maybe areas where we may not cover and others might but that holds true on all networks. It also relies on placement of towers, so you may have great support on one network and not so great on another. At the end of the day you have to find what network is best for you. With more customers coming to 2degrees it's not just the great value that's bringing them over.
Our merger with Snap will create even more opportunities to provide a great value across broader services. We can't wait to shake things up with broadband as we did with mobile! :)

geek_2degreescare, Jun 10, 12:02 pm

Ok I'll give more specific examples: from memory Snap was first with 200Mbps fibre and (one of the first?) with 1Gbps Gigatown plans. And in general Snap is early to the game as an RSP when a UFB area is unlocked.

2Degrees mobile was 3rd to press go on 4G - so yeah lol that is definitely 'newer' ie last.

Just interesting how Snap appears to be leading the block technologically and 2D is just OK in terms of speed of tech to market.

geek_kieran211, Jun 10, 12:23 pm

I'm with both 2degree's and snap so should be interesting to see what sort of package they are offering, my only hope is that they don't behave like a lot of other companies and roll new deals out for the new customers and forget about the loyal ones who have been with them for years.

geek_shazpetal, Jun 10, 12:36 pm

Can you elaborate on this a bit more - are we to expect new plans/pricing at some point?

geek_king1, Jun 10, 12:38 pm

New plans within a few months is what I read a day or two ago.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 1:54 pm

" Email today from Snap, pretty much nothing we didn't already know:

Hi there, You may have already heard the great news - soon we??ôll be joining forces with 2degrees to bring Kiwis a complete mobile and broadband solution.

We??ôre really excited to be merging with NZ??ôs best value mobile network and you can rest easy, knowing that nothing will change for you other than changing our name to 2degrees Broadband. You??ôll still be supported by our same great team, and our same fantastic network built to service customers up and down the country.

We??ôre working on some great new plans and offers which we??ôll be ready to tell you about in the next few months, but even once they launch you can stay on your current plan if you choose to.

You??ôll start to see a few changes to your invoices, our website and other communications from us, but if you need to get in touch with us for anything broadband related, we??ôre still here on the same number to help you.

When our new plans are ready to go we will be in touch.

The Team at Snap (soon to be 2degrees Broadband)"

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 1:57 pm

Yeap, that would be my GZ post.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 10, 3:39 pm forums - a good place to check out issues with telcos / ISPs.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 10, 5:30 pm

sad that all the smaller and good ISPs sold themselves off. And 2Degrees has been losing money for ages.

geek_lythande1, Jun 13, 7:50 am

had no time to look thru mail the last days but now goes to 2 degrees i must look how i can get on to snap account on there lucky i never ever use isp e-mails in case you need to switch i use since before 1999 and never lost a single e-mail with webmail.

geek_intrade, Jul 31, 11:06 am

seems you're a bit behind the times OP

2degrees acquired snap about 6 months ago (give or take), its only now theyre doing things with it

*no i dont work for either company, but for some weird reason, i've always wanted to work for an ISP*

geek_pcmaster, Jul 31, 11:19 am

I was with 2degrees for a couple of years but changed to Skinny and very happy. Never got any cheap or free minutes/data but with Skinny get a lot of cheap deals like since beginning of year 1Gb of data addon $10, sometimes offered for $8. Combo costs $16 not $19 as 2degrees for same minutes/data deal. One thing 2degress should do is have topups of less than $20, Skinny is $5, handy for people who dont use phone much but keep as a backup or emergencies. A few people i know changed for this reason. No i dont work for Spark/Skinny just a happy customer.

geek_wayne416, Jul 31, 12:25 pm

well their unlimited plan is cheaper than the current Snap one. so looks like it will cost less.

geek_gibler, Jul 31, 12:29 pm

Can't see a new plan to suit me. I get 250GB and free local calls for $89.
The unlimited adds another $15 if I want to include a phone (I do few toll calls so not worth it for me).

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 31, 1:39 pm

re*18 we are talking wired internet here snap was a isp like orcon for example. but i agree skinny is cheaper for mobile i dont even have a working 2degrees sim now it exired only have the gungster vodoofone and skinny simm

geek_intrade, Aug 1, 11:02 am

Realize that just my experience.

geek_wayne416, Aug 1, 11:12 am

i am rural and since 4 years cant call mobile phones snap once called me up and asked if the problem was ever resolved i said no so they put me on to dial a local pass thru number and then the mobile for test worked fine like that . then they removed that option again and i never heard anything again. so i suppose i should go and try if that now works while 2 degrees is now my internet provider .
i am talking landline to mobile calls
i go test it right now i think.
na same message This number is no longer obtainable or may have changed when i call any mobile phone number is all i get on the landline.
who knows maybe i get 2degrees to fix that
i also noticed i could not even load a webpage this morning and the speedtest is nightmarish slow right now that i managed to get on after a reboot of the modem. with snap i used to always get 1mb speed sometimes even having peeks of 2mb for a few secounds download
now it almost looks like i am throttled as upload and down is the exact same slow
done a few more test got to almost 1mb down but it seems gongested on the net more now if that has to do with the change of isp or not i wont be able to figure that out in a hurry.

geek_intrade, Apr 15, 3:28 pm

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