Windows 8

I am not very computer literate but know on my old desktop I used to run defrag, error checking, disk cleanup should I be running these on this laptop. I had been told that this system has a good error checking built in but I am unsure. Have avast installed also. If I need to do anything can you please explain how I do it in plain English. My system just seems to be running slow.

geek_3amigoes, May 25, 6:47 pm

Best thing to do at moment is update to 8.1 then you will get 10 free. 8.1 is an improvement on 8.

geek_wayne416, May 25, 7:10 pm

have done that but is running slow and get popups so what should I do?

geek_3amigoes, May 25, 7:26 pm

geek_wayne416, May 25, 7:50 pm

just tried to run this program and it has come up uncheck elements you want to keep - how do I know what I need to keep? eg has ticked C\:ProgramData\ then a doz further extension words

geek_3amigoes, May 25, 8:11 pm

Must have found lots, tick the lot.

geek_wayne416, May 25, 8:14 pm

still getting popups?

geek_3amigoes, May 25, 8:39 pm

should have said I am still getting popups

geek_3amigoes, May 25, 8:42 pm

geek_wayne416, Oct 19, 3:24 pm

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