Who offers best option for WiFi?

matthews4, Mar 13, 7:47am
We have been living in the country for years, and have sold and moving to town. Have 2 Kindles, to download books too - currently order and home and go to local library to download. Looking forward to being able to do it all at home. Currently with Vodaphone, and will call them, but would like to get members opinion of best. Retired, use FB, TM, emails, google things, would like to look up more family tree and news sites, with better access than dial-up. thanks for any advice.

r.g.nixon, Mar 13, 7:52am
WiFi is basically inside you house only. It only works if you have a broadband connection, because that is what it connects to.

It sounds like you would be a low usage plan would work, so take a look at Flip.

matthews4, Mar 13, 7:55am
Thanks for that. Will do.

mcdaff, Mar 13, 8:26pm
We are with Vodaphone which used to be Telstraclear and before that Paradise. We are in the country but have a very good broadband connection. It probably depends whether you want a landline phone as well as some do naked broadband without the landline. We pay about $100 a month with landline, unlimited national calls, and 60gb broadband plan. Look at their website for the plans.

matthews4, Mar 13, 10:53pm
thanks, mcdaff, we also have been with Clear, Telstra and now Vodaphone. Can get BB here now, but was 2 year contract, and as we had property for sale, did not go into it. will look at them and others, before we move into town next month. Just doing the research, between packing.

nice_lady, May 24, 4:16am
WiFi is a function of your broadband modem, well most have it built in anyway. If you currently are with Vodafone on broadband your modem should be Wi-Fi capable. Just make sure that whoever you sign up with after you move supplies you with a Wi-Fi capable modem. Or you may be able to use your existing modem.

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