Mail on Mac sending email

tanya170, Apr 29, 8:13pm
All of a sudden I cannot send an email from Mail. I normally use Gmail, but sometimes use Mail. It has just stopped working. I haven't changed anything. On the Connection Dr it says not connecting to outgoing server which is I have got no idea how to fix this. Anyone out there able to offer simple step by step instructions? please

timtec, Apr 30, 1:28am
Does it come up with an error message/anything else come up? i.e a password dialog or

tillsbury, Apr 30, 5:39am
Did you enable two-step authentication on gmail? That stuffs up lots of things.

tanya170, Apr 30, 7:54am
When trying to send an email from mail it just sits in outbox. I do have two-step but have had no problem. I set it up in Nov, but the email not sending has only been happening for last 5 days.

rz_zone, Apr 30, 11:58pm
Are you with spark?

gibler, May 1, 4:56am
Setup a gmail SMTP today.

It is possible (but unlikely) your ISP is blocking port 465.

tanya170, May 2, 8:46am
Hi gibler, no joy thanks - just says not connecting to outgoing server.

baalamb, May 4, 4:55am
Hi I had this problem with mail on my Mac gmail was working ok but mail was't i went to system preference /icloud and logged into my account and the problem went away It was a while ago so I think thats all I did

tanya170, Dec 13, 3:20am
Hi everyone. Ended up ringing Apple and the gmail had changed to pop and not imap. Something to do with the 2step thing.

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