App Notifications not showing Windows 10

The apps that i have like Mail, Calender, Twitter are not showing notifications in the action center for example if i've recieved an email theres no notification telling me i've recieved an email, ive looked in settings and went to system (Display, Notifications, Apps, Power) then selected (Notifications and actions) all the right settings are on to recieve notifications but under the Option Show notifications from these apps, the apps that i have are not there at all. ohh while i'm here is there anyway i can boot to start screen instead of booting straight to the desktop?

geek_psgarrett, Aug 1, 12:06 pm

Mine's showing a "New Email" notification in the notification area. Go to system / settings / notifications & actions and then click on "Select which Icons appear on Taskbar " and look in there for mail. etc

geek_d.snell, Apr 15, 10:52 am

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