Motherboard voltage

honeysacat, Feb 25, 11:34pm
CPUID Hardware monitor shows my +12V reading to be 9.88V, all other voltages are normal.
Should I be concerned? The PC runs fine never crashes.

r.g.nixon, Feb 26, 12:44am
Someone else saw similar, but checking with a multi-meter, all was fine.

neoslowmo, Feb 26, 12:52am
More than likely a false reading - if your PC has been running OK.
It is running under volt a bit
Do you stress your PC playing heavy games like CoD - if so and It still runs OK, then false reading
A heavy load like that could cause it to crash running under voltage.

honeysacat, Jul 4, 11:27am
Just checked with a multimeter and the voltage was 12.17V so it looks like it was just a false reading. Thanks for the replys

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