Experts please help me get rid of ad sites

aqua11, May 27, 2:37am
- which have attached themselves to the IE icon (right click shows a pile of them). I take them off and they come back. I have used Malwarebytes free trial, checked the "manage add ons" under tools, doesn't appear to be anything there. Also got rid of history etc several times. Also downloaded Adw cleaner - Toolslib. That didn't work either. The ads don't come up per se, you can hear snippets of them from time to time in the background, but I think it is what is slowing my computer right down, particularly on start up, super slow and glitchy. Thanks people.

r.g.nixon, May 27, 3:30am
Firefox or Chrome? Adblock Plus add-on.

aqua11, May 27, 11:15am
Its Internet explorer 11.

cj_s, May 27, 11:23am
Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer

aqua11, May 28, 12:15am
Thank you. I've downloaded that last night, but ads are back again, attached to the IE icon.

r.g.nixon, May 28, 1:37am
Not sure what you mean by multiple sites being "attached to" an IE icon. An icon is a shortcut to *one* web page.

king1, May 28, 2:51am
right click would suggest they are recent sites visited - delete your history CTRL SHIFT DEL.

And they would only be coming back if you are visiting the site again, maybe the sites are set as your homepages or IE is set to start with tabs from the last session - control panel / internet options

aqua11, May 28, 9:46am
When I say icon, the thing at the bottom of the screen with the big 'e" on it. When I right click that it has heaps of websites that I have never ever visited. Yep, clearing the history all the time.

cookee_nz, May 28, 10:19am
Have you tried ccleaner to wipe the history (
aner) ?

momona, May 28, 9:58pm
I had the same problem, no amount of scanning would take them out. I was put on to this site, SuperAntispyware free edition and it got rid of the 124 "bugs" that were in my computer. They all came from installing a 3 in one printer with 'free' photo' programmes included, there was no mention of them on the installation disc.

neoslowmo, May 28, 10:05pm
Yep that is the icon.
They are pages been visited that it lists.
Are you the only person using the computer?

aqua11, May 29, 1:48am
Thanks guys I will try both of those suggestions. Yes just uses the laptop.

aqua11, Oct 1, 8:54pm
Yay, that CCleaner has got rid of them. Thank you.

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