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jubre, Apr 21, 2:59am
I did the update on saturday night too, and when I turned my i pad back on, on sunday it would not work. The screen has just stayed black (dead)
My ipad was only bought at xmas.
Could it be anything to do with the update ? ?
I have tried someone elses charger and that is not the problem.

suicidemonkey, Apr 21, 6:00am
Calling Apple is your best bet.

jubre, Apr 21, 6:57pm
got my problem sorted anyway, thank goodness.
I Rang Harvey Norman where I bought it from; and the computer guy told me to hold the start button and the power button on at the same time and to see what comes up on the screen. I did that while he held on, I told him a picture of a battery with a red line at the bottom of it. He said, that it was showing my battery was dead flat, which had caused the ipad to shut itself down. So by holding both start and power buttons on at the same time for 10 seconds, turns it back on.
The charger then worked and recharged my battery, and as I type on it thismorning, it is back to 100%.
I still have not worked out how the little apple battery flat sign could come up in the centre of my screen if the battery was dead flat, but it did.

casswill, Oct 3, 6:39am
Does anyone know if you can revert bsck to iOS 7. I specifically wasn't intending to update my iPad Air but either I've inadvertently clicked on it or somewhere to update or my kids have by accident, either way I had by chance checked my storage on this tonight and noticed it's jumped from around. 7gb free last week to only 2gb tonight and thought that seems strange, I checked the update and noticed it's been clicked on. Any way to change back so I can free up room. I updated my whole iPad to my computer last week. Thanks in advance.

suicidemonkey, Oct 3, 6:43am
No you can't. At least not without extensively hacking your iPad and probably voiding any warranty.

casswill, Oct 3, 7:01am
Ok. Thanks.

suicidemonkey, Oct 3, 7:02am
In saying that, the update shouldn't have taken up all that space. Something's not right there.

casswill, Oct 3, 7:09am
Woops, just checked and the update took up 4.1gb.

vtecintegra, Oct 3, 7:10am
The update only uses space while in progress - once it has completed you should actually have slightly more storage available than pre update.

tillsbury, Oct 3, 7:14am
Finish the upgrade off, make sure you're on iOS8.0.2, and the free space will come back. Lots of nice features in ios8, worth having a look around at them, the Air runs it very well indeed.

wembley1, Oct 3, 8:07am

I ended up with significantly more free space (iPhone 4s v7 to v8)

casswill, Oct 3, 8:27am
I don't even know when it got updated as I think the kids clicked on something as I wasn't planning to update, so i figure it's all complete. How would I know? I just can't see anything at all that's different from ios7 I was using supposedly using a few days ago.

remmers, Oct 3, 8:31am
Go to settings > general > Software update.

casswill, Oct 3, 8:34am
Yes, done that. It says ios8.0.2 downloaded but that red circle with no.1 keeps showing up on that 'settings' icon. I thought it would have disappeared now it's updated.

suicidemonkey, Oct 3, 8:35am
Restart the iPad

casswill, Oct 3, 8:36am
Done that too. Twice today.

casswill, Oct 3, 8:46am
I wonder if it isn't actually updated until I next plug it into the computer and sync with iTunes as I've never had the 'sync via wii fii option enabled come to think of it. Am on holiday right now so won't know for several days if that's the case now.

remmers, Oct 3, 9:11am
I would guess that it has not updated, if finalised message under software Update is IOS 8.0.2 Your software is up to date

rudahome, Oct 3, 6:21pm
It has downloaded but not installed, hence it takes up the extra memory. Go back into software update, and click "install now"

casswill, Oct 3, 6:48pm
What would happen if I go into settings, General, usage, then under the storage bit click on iOS88.0.2 update then select 'delete'? Will that bring the extra space back and still keep ios7 working?

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 3, 7:11pm
Honestly just install it, it's not a big deal.

1blizzy, Oct 3, 7:15pm
Yes you can. I did this 2 months ago. Windows 8.1 crashed. Took my Windows 7 Pro disk and installed this Windows 7 Pro straight over Windows 8.1, and it's still working ,pleased to be back to Windows 7 Pro .Keep an eye on it that you lose everything, so back up what you want to keep. If you not sure about this Google and you find heaps of good advise.
Good luck.

pyro_sniper2002, Oct 3, 7:52pm
Except they aren't talking about Windows.

casswill, Oct 4, 4:16am
Great, thanks.

tillsbury, Oct 4, 4:52am
Best way to upgrade is when plugged in to the computer under iTunes. It's a lot quicker, and doesn't take all the memory up in the process.

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