My 7 year old has done something to my IE fonts

lizzyj, Feb 19, 5:54am
So this laptop is used mostly by my 7 year old for homework, however I also use it for a some stuff I need to work on that is not windows 8 compatible. So for some reason the fonts on in IE are all over the show, they are a mixture of extra large and extra small, with some extra spacing between lines. For Example as I am typing this the title is about size 20 font and the message is about size 8 font.

lizzyj, Feb 19, 7:27am
Does anyone know how to fix this please?

mechnificent, Feb 19, 8:08am
I'd say he has set all the font sizes. It is in er. "preferences", or, "settings" I think. in IE.

black-heart, Feb 19, 10:05am
make sure zoom is set to 100% and font size to medium. (press ALT, click view)

lostdude, Feb 19, 10:12am

lizzyj, Feb 20, 12:05am
Thanks for the suggestions, unfortunately they did not work. Might have to download firefox.

rych, Jul 23, 9:01am
Open up "Internet Options", "Advanced" tab then click on the "Reset" button bottom right to restore Internet Explorer to its default condition.

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